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Costa Rica 2021 Overview



1. NEW ROAD: After 30 years in the planning and two years in Construction, the New Highway to the coast was completed in 2010. This cut driving time in half from San Jose to the Central Pacific Coast and both demand and prices for good beach front property has increased because of it.  Click here to take a photo tour of the New Highway.  http://www.lasolassite.com/index.php?page=aerial-tour

2.  LONG TERM DEMOCRACY: Costa Rica has one of the longest stable democratic governments in both Central and South America that was established in 1948.  Also in that same year the government disbanded their military because the leaders at the time understood that militaries often times provide the means to keep dictators in power. You have a real sense of Freedom in Costa Rica. You don’t feel like big brother is looking over your shoulder because he is not. If they police stop you they come up with a smile and say Buenos Dias Senior and shake your hand. They don’t have tasers or pepper spray and if you get a ticket, it’s about $10.00 and not $200.00.

3. AN IDEAL PLACE TO RETIRE: Costa Rica has always been a favorite place to retire for people in the US, Canada and Europe. However, with the advent of the pandemic and economic crisis and the increased cost of living in the above countries, Costa Rica is becoming more and more popular as a place to relocate.  Cost of living here is about one fourth the price in the US. Taxes are a fraction of what they are in the US, health care costs are about one tenth, fresh fruits and vegetables are one fifth the cost, there are no hurricanes, tornadoes, raging fires, blizzards, no draught conditions.  With an average temperature of 76 degrees year round, many people do not need either air conditioners or heating and you can grow organic fruits and vegetables all year long. More importantly, the people are warm and friendly and love the Americans. Many have called Costa Rica the last paradise on earth.

4. DOLLAR STILL A VALUE:  The dollar still goes a long way in Costa Rica compared to the higher prices in the States, Canada and Europe.

5.  A SAFE PLACE CLOSE TO THE US: Compared to other places in the world, Costa Rica is a safe place that is close to the US. The people are gentle and love Americans and there is none of the violence that plagues many other parts of the world. There are no hurricanes, tornadoes, raging fire storms or water shortage in Costa Rica. With an average temperature of 76 degrees.

6.  WHERE TO BUY PROPERTY: As we all know location is the most important consideration when buying property anywhere.  It is also well known that property on a nice beach in a resort area is the one of the most sought after kinds of properties and therefore one of the best investments you can make. Why? Because that is where people want to be. Only 1/5 of once percent of the all the land in Costa Rica is on a “Blue Flagged” pristine beach.  Blue Flag is the designation given to finer beaches by the Costa Rican Tourism Bureau.

7.  BEACH SIDE LOTS: Most of the property being sold right now in Costa Rica is way up in the hills with distant views of the ocean. Why? Because there is just not a lot of good beach front property that is available for development in Costa Rica. People want to be on the beach, they are not making any more of it, so rental demand is strong.  Our property is just a few steps to one of the best beaches in the country.

8.  HIGH RENTAL DEMAND: Beach from homes have a high rental demand with beach front rentals ranging anywhere from $1200 to $7000+ per weekor houses during high season in the area. This provides an excellent opportunity to have end user/buyer/investors’ investments paid off with rental income in a reasonable number of years, and have a paid off asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from it.

9. LAS OLAS BEACH COMMUNITY HAS ALL OF THE ABOVE.  It is one of the very few locations in Costa Rica that is on a blue flagged, pristine beach and it has all the regulatory approvals and is ready to build with all the utilities already in place. It is one of the few locations with hills right next to the beach.  In fact from Jaco/Playa Hermosa to Quepos/Manuel Antonio, Las Olas Beach Community is one of the few beach front locations along the entire 40 miles stretch that has hills next to the beach.

10.  THINK ABOUT SELLING: There is an old saying in real estate that we all should keep in mind, "Before you buy a property you should think about selling it".  If some time in the future you want to sell your property will the property have a low, medium or high buying demand?  How sellable will your property be? It's just a well known fact that properties located in a beach side community have the highest buyer demand because the beach is where people really want to be.

11. COSTA RICA'S THE REAL ESTATE MARKET, BANKS AND THE ECONOMY ARE STABLE:  Costa Rica banks and investment firms are stable institutions.  Costa Rica is a place of choice for people to relocate out of the US, Canada and other places in the world that are becoming more and more expensive to live in and less desirable.  The banks in Costa Rica have always been very conservative. The two largest National banks guarantee both personal and business deposits 100 percent. They are very careful in their lending practices and monitor accounts very carefully as well.  Oftentimes, if you write a large check or have a large transaction on your credit card, they will call you to verify the transaction. If you want a mortgage you will have to put up 20 percent, have proof of income and good credit. Like the banks use to do in the US in the 50’s.

12. CONCLUSION:  It just makes good sense to invest in a country that has good fiscal policies in place coupled with good management policies, 2.5 hours from the U.S. by plane.   It is a country that has banks that have good lending practices and where you can keep you money in either Dollars or Euros.  Costa Rica and Las Olas Beach Community is not only a place where people really want to be, but it's also a place their money wants to be.  Act now and secure your investment in Las Olas Beach Community.


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