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About Us


The Location and Central Facts
The old saying that the three most important things about real estate is location, location and location is true. Las Olas Beach Community has just that, being located on one of the nicest and cleanest beaches in Costa Rica--Esterillos Oeste. This beach offers world class surfing and sport fishing and an abundance of wildlife and flora. The new road from San Jose to the Central Pacific just opened and it now takes just a little over an hour to get Las Olas. We all know what access does for growth and land appreciation. Many people do not realize that there is only 1/5 of one percent of land in Costa Rica located on a nice beach that you can build on.

Las Olas is on one of those very few properties that is located on a nice beach which is where people really want to be. Buying in a good beach community is one of the safest investments you can make. The demand for good beach front homes to buy and rent is high and will always command the best prices.

The first and most important thing you really need to know about Las Olas Beach Community is that is has the best location, the best beach and the best prices. Normally, when a prospective buyer comes to visit a project site in Costa Rica, the developer will try to keep them from looking at other developments. It’s normal. They don’t want them to see something they may like better. However, when our prospective buyers come we encourage them to go out and look around and tell them that if they see any other development that has a better location, beach or price please tell us and we will buy there. Thus far, none have come back telling us they found a better place.

Secondly, our land was purchased for cash and has no debt. Debt has been the cause of the majority of the problems with governments and people. During the crisis of 2008 many developers lost their projects due to debt and millions of people are losing their homes due to debt. So the Las Olas project owners will have no debt and will pay as they go. Since the project has no debt, the owners can lower their prices, and pass on the huge interest savings onto the buyers. We urge people, if at all possible, to stay out of debt and try to own at least your primary home free of debt.

We also have builders who can build to US standards. An important thing to realize here is that the majority of homes are built to “Tico Standards”, which is just not up to what the US Building Standards. We have assembled builders from the US who know how to build to US standards and at affordable prices.

Thirdly, we have assembled the finest professional team of Architects, attorneys and consultants who have expertise in land development in Costa Rica and familiarity of the system. A development is only as good as the professional team they have working on the project. Below we have listed the resumes of the some key professionals that are working to make Las Olas Beach Community the most successful development in the Central Pacific.

Executive Summary-General Overview

Las Olas Beach Community is a mix plan development in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica. The site sits on about 100 gently rolling acres all within 700 meters to the beach. The master plan consists of:

Approximately 352 finished single family home lots, 9 larger land parcels designated for small condo buildings, 1 lot designated for a hotel and a 5.5 acre parcel directly on the beach which has a master site plan for a 66 unit hotel/condo units for time share. All land tracts have already been purchased and are debt-free. The project has all approvals and also has all int initial construction permits. Infrastructure construction is underway and the business model is being worked. To maximize ROI we intend to vertically integrate the project that will include the selling lots, building the homes, providing mortgages, doing time-shares for the condos/hotel units built on the beach and throughout the project and provide time-share financing for time share units.  



David Janney resides in Orlando, Florida and has many years of experience in real estate development. Currently he is working on a number of large real estate developments in the Orlando area and is working with major national home builders such as Cambridge Homes, K Hovnanian Homes, Centex Homes, Maronda Homes and Pulte Homes in projects up to 400 home developments. He also has experience in time-share sales, land sales, vacation and resort sales and resort management. He has been working extensively with David Aven on the mix-plan Las Olas Development and has made many trips to Costa Rica related to project development.


David Aven is in charge of the day to day operations of the development including the infrastructure construction that is presently underway. David is working closely with Costa Rican professionals who were instrumental in acquiring all the necessary development permits for the project development including the environmental permit and the construction permits. He lives in Costa Rica and is a resident and is acting as in country investor representative. He is working closely with David Janney on implementing the vertical integration mix plan project development.


Jovan brings valuable sales, marketing & development experience to Las Olas Beach Community. jovan has a BA in Economics from Temple University, and over 25 years experience in residential, commercial, and resort real estate appraisal, development, and sales. He has sold time share properties for Blue Green Corporation and originated mortgages at Premium Capital Funding in Scottsdale Arizona, and at S.D. Catalano Inc. and is a project finance specialist. Jovan also has worked for one of the oldest residential and vacation property development companies in New Jersey, S.D. Walker Inc., and developed projects such as Bacons Run, Chesterfield NJ and Meadowview Estates, Mansfield NJ. He was commercial real estate manager for REMCO in Philadelphia and was also an acquisitions specialist for Patten Corp., NYSE, and closed many transactions as a business broker, and real estate agent with Continental Assets Corp., Ambler PA. He brings a lot of experience to the Las Olas vertical integration mix plan project development.


Roger has over 20 years experience as a builder, developer and project construction manager for very large building projects in Florida, Texas and New York. He will be overseeing the development and build out of the mix plan developlment. He will be in charge of overseeing and controlling total construction for the project that will be built to US specifications and standards. Roger is a certified Building Contractor and registered roofing contractor and worked as a construction project manager for many very large projects such as:

OMI, INCORPORATED, Key West, Florida

  • Roger’s Key Responsibilities were:
  • Control of daily field construction activities.
  • Day-to-day scheduling of work activities, materials and labor forces.
  • Trouble shooting construction conflicts between design disciplines and/or subcontractors.
  • Monitor/control subcontractor activities to comply with AHCA requirements, project specifications, quality control standards, and local building codes.
  • Insure compliance with OSHA and Corporate Safety Control programs.
  • Negotiating and administrating subcontractor change order work.
    Inspecting and approving subcontractor monthly invoices and pay requests.
  • Maintaining documentation on all construction activities.
    Initiating and maintaining liaison with construction personnel and on-site nursing home administration and staff.
  • Estimated labor and materials
  • Estimating and bidding sub-contracted work items.
  • Supervised carpentry crews (rough and finish).
  • Procured equipment necessary for completion of above project.

Toll Free From the U.S. 1-813-938-8750     In Costa Rica: +506-8853-2451