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Las Olas Beach Community is located on the Central Pacific Gold Coast in Esterillos Oeste, 15 minutes north to Jaco Beach and 40 minutes south to Manual Antonio National Park, the most popular tourist destination in Costa Rica. This is one of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica, with wide and pristine beaches you can walk for miles and see nothing except the beauty of the nature around you as you breathe in the fresh salt air. Las Olas Beach Community is located in one of the only areas on the Central Pacific Coast where there are hills right next to the ocean. From miles on either side of Las Olas Beach Community, the terrain is flat right next to the beach with no beach access. (see our aerial tour) In fact, most of the property being sold in Costa Rica today is high in the hills with distant views of the ocean. There is really only 1/10 of a percent of good beach front property for sale in Costa Rica. So owing property on a beautiful beach in a popular tourist area is an incredible investment. Property like this just doesn't exist in the US and is very hard to find in Costa Rica. So the location of Las Olas Beach Community is unique, irreplaceable and very valuable.

Keep this in mind, it cost the same to build a house in the hills or on the beach, the difference is once those homes are built, the home on the beach is much more valuable. Why? Because it has a higher rental demand, a higher appreciation value and more easily sold simply because this is where people want to be. So astute investors are choosing to invest in beach front property when they are presented with an option. Just think for a moment, where would you like to be? Can you imagine yourself walking along the ocean with the fresh salt air blowing gently on your face? You don't have to imagine any longer, it is now within your grasp at Las Olas Beach Community!

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