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Master Site Plan


Infrastructure will consist of the following:

      • The main entrance and landscaping along highway frontage.
      • Main road through project, finished in paver's with adjacent golf cart paths.
      • Sales office and model unit.
      • Beach Club complex and entry.
      • Three sewage treatment plants to service the beach front complex and the second phase lot program which will be built under the condominium lot program.
      • The existing electrical supply to the project site is more than adequate for development.
      • The local water company has guaranteed that the existing potable water supply will meet the resort’s needs throughout development.
      • The local phone company has committed to providing 400+ telephone lines to the project.
      • Excellent cellular phone reception already exists at the project site.
      • Cable TV services are available in Esterillos Oeste.
      • E-1 high speed Internet lines will service the project site, and both wireless and
      • Developers engaged he services of EDSA site planners and Norton Consulting to to conduct market studies of the project property.
        • The market study done by EDSA and Norton consulting included the following:Topography and slope;
        • Hydrology - major and minor drainage and water source features and resources;
        • Geology - surface and subsurface conditions;
        • Vegetation - major vegetative covers and tree inventory;
        • Other ecological and environmental factors - views and special conditions;
        • Resort comparables around project property.
        • Permitting process and legal restrictions - zoning, building codes, easements.

Las Olas Project Profits Centers

  • Rental Management Company:

A substantial ongoing income stream will come from the rental program that will be
administered by the developers. The developers will in essence will be running a hotel operation with over 500 rooms once all the phases get built out. A rental management company will be formed to manage the rental program for the owners and will earn 40 percent of the rental income. This is very attractive for owners who can earn income from their unit when they are not using it.  So the income stream from a rental program could be huge.

  • Real Estate Company for Re-Sales:

There will be of course re-sales, so Developers plan to form a rental company to handle re-sales of project properties as well as other properties surrounding project. This could provide a nice additional profit stream for developers.

Mortgage Company

Developers plan to form a mortgage company to make loans available to people who buy lots and build homes. Developers will borrow at prevailing rates and loan at prevailing rates and will act much like a bank. Developers will also explore the possibility of selling bonds to raise the necessary capital to fund the mortgage company as well as other sources of funding. This could provide a huge profit stream for developers and it will be a secure place to invest their money from accrued profits in said project.

Time Share Sales

Rather than just renting out or selling units built on the Beach Concession, developers plan to form a time share company that will sell time shares in the hotel/condo units that are built in the concession. This will provide a much bigger ROI for developers than just renting out the units.

Financing Time Share Sales

Developers plan to also finance the time share sales. Developer want to take full advantage of all financial services that project buyers will be needing. In this way develops can maximize the ROI for their investment. Being able to offer time share financing to buyers will add another huge profit center for developers.

HOA Management and Maintenance Company

The Las Olas project will be in constant need for upkeep and maintenance; Developers also plan to form a company to provide that service to the project.

Beach Club Membership.

Developers also plan to offer Beach Club Memberships to people who buy lots and build homes in the Las Olas Resort. Beach club membership will be limited to owners of homes and condo units in project site. This should add another nice income stream for developers.

Building of small condo towers on larger parcels in project Las Olas.

Developers have established 4 larger parcels in project site for futue development of small condo towers. This will be a nice compliment to the homes in the project and will add another income \stream for developers.

Establishing a Solar Power Company

There is a demand for solar power units to operated hot water heaters as well as lighting, Developer plan to form a solar power company to meet that need and further add to the profitability for the project.


10.  Rental of commercial spaces in Project Site

Developers will create commercial space within the project buildings and project site offer those spaces out for rent. This will add to the income stream for developers.

11. Other possible income streams.

Developers will endeavor to take advantage of every possible income stream in said development and attempt to capitalize on every possible income stream to add to developers ROI.

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