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The Perfect Storm for Costa Rica

Dateline: September 4, 2021

There are many conditions which exist in our world today that have created what we term as “A Perfect Storm" for investing in Costa Rica real estate.  Throughout history people have made fortunes in real estate during turbulent, paradigm shifting world events.

2020, 2021 have had huge impacts on people’s lives all over the world.  Most of the globe is in a state of emergency.  A new change in the way we live, work and play has taken place. Large numbers of people are no longer tied to specific locations because of their jobs or school, and remote working and learning have become the new normal, enabling many to continue their everyday activities from virtually anywhere in the world.  There has been a shift in priorities of housing, with people realizing the importance of having a house that suits their needs and their lifestyle best, bringing with it a host of housing trends that would have been unlikely to develop if not for these circumstances.  At the same time there have been economic hardships for many and a major overhaul of the world economic system.  We have seen serious supply chain shortages across the board on pretty much everything and dramatic product price increases. 

Investors, and people in general want to enjoy their lives and are looking to acquire safer “tangible” assets in growing markets. Real estate that meets peoples’ new current lifestyle needs has become a much more popular investment option.   The world has become “smaller” in regards to travel and relocating and buyer/investors seek to make gains by generating income and if they can utilize their assets by actually incorporating them into their everyday lifestyles, thereby enhancing same, then Costa Rica real estate investment “Hands Down” is a very wise choice for them.   
In the last year many people have invested their money based on the idea that as inflation rises and the dollar declines, real estate and other commodities will continue to rise because of this.  As more government money is printed, with production staying the same or diminishing, there are more dollars chasing less goods and tangible assets, which in turn is driving prices for things way up. 

Costa Rica therefore has now become a magnet for billions of investment dollars. Many people in North America for instance, are “fed up” with their existing lifestyles and they “want out!” We talk to them regularly over the last 16 years selling properties in Costa Rica.  They want to live and spend time in safe, clean, healthy, spacious environments with an abundance of fresh natural beauty all around them want while they work remotely.  Most of them want close proximity to beaches, freedom and a stress-free lifestyle.  For them, these things are priceless and Costa Rica’s answer to that is “Pura Vida”.

2020 was slated to be a great and growing year in CR.  Then the pandemic hit.  After a mid-year dip, and the reopening of the borders, the numbers of visitors have steadily grown and property sales have taken off too now in Costa Rica.

Many people all over the world are pursuing their dreams and shopping for Costa Rica real estate online despite global pandemic concerns and financial market uncertainties.  Experts are predicting a strong housing market in Costa Rica, especially in desirable beach locations.  There is “Pent Up” demand now from all those buyers who delayed purchasing properties due to the CV pandemic.  With the capability of touring homes and settling on them “Virtually”, and because of Costa Rica’s appeal and close proximity to the US and Canada, property sales here have taken off. 

Costa Rica’s popularity is due to many things including but not limited to:

  • Mesmerizing natural beauty
  • 6% of all the World’s biodiversity is located here
  • Flanked on both sides by miles of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean coastlines
  • Perfect climate year round.  Food growth year round.
  • CR is a haven for yachting and sailing communities
  • It is also a “Mecca” of eco tourism activities.
  • There is World Class Surfing and Sport Fishing
  • An abundance of rainforests, cloud forests, waterfalls, and hot springs
  • Half of the country’s land mass is protected by national parks
  • It is far less money to live here comfortably as opposed to other beautiful places
  • It is one of the friendliest places on the planet where people live longer
  • It is a stable nation with no military and excellent medical care

…and the list goes on and on. 

Costa Rica’s luxury home market has matured and is booming right now as foreign buyers appreciate the comfort and accessibility of this tropical paradise.  There are more amenities and services in Costa Rica than lesser developed Central American countries.  CR is a more expensive place to own property in than those places; however, it is still a SUPER bargain for those buyers from upscale places like California, Hawaii, or European Beach towns for example.   Plus, taxes in CR are way lower!

Affluent buyers continue to buy here.  With the changing structure of our workplaces worldwide, and the greater advent of remote job capabilities through the internet, individuals are expected to take greater advantage of the lifestyle opportunities Costa Rica offers them.  Baby Boomer and Millenial investors are looking for safe havens to live in.  Since working, learning, socializing and entertainment is taking place these days more in the home, people want their homes to be their favorite places to be, and they are buying homes in Costa Rica because of it. 
It seems that for 2021, the intangible value of home life has risen significantly for people who are realigning their priorities considering pandemic concerns.  The value of investment in a home has greatly risen. 

Spending time and working in their homes, living less stressful lives has never been as important as it is now.  Design trends of houses are now emphasizing more of an indoor-outdoor flow with fresh open air spaces.  Growing organic food in the back yard and sustainability has also become a top priority for home buyers, as well as proximity to resort style attractions.  CR property design emphasizes all of these things. 

Demand for turn key beach and mountain homes is higher than ever this year in Costa Rica.  Buyers want instant gratification and the ability to move into their new CR homes relatively quickly. 
As the distribution of CV-19 vaccines rises, more international travel will occur again bringing more buyers and visitors back to Costa Rica.  This will have a great positive impact on the purchase of vacation/retirement properties here.

Some things that we all have in common are that we all want more happiness, more love and more joy and security in our lives. The place we choose to live in, the community and environment that we choose to build our home in, as well as the friends we have, all have a direct relationship on the quality of our lives and our happiness level.  In today’s world everyone is spending more time at home. 

Our beach project offering in Costa Rica goes far beyond just building homes for people to live in there.  This will be a community where people enjoy living. A place, not just where luxury, nature and the ocean meet where you can walk on a pristine beach and feel the sand beneath your feet and breathe in the fresh salt air, but more importantly a place where you can meet new friends, and like-minded people and live the kind of satisfying life that you've always dreamed about.  Being on one of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica, close to all conveniences and necessities, in a beautiful pristine beach environment that is affordable is where most people want to be. 

The most valuable property types seem to be those that are on beautiful beaches, or steps from the beach, in  popular resort areas. Why? It is where most people really want to be and spend their time. There are no more beach front lots available in California or on the east coast of the US at affordable prices. They are all gone, but even if you could find one it would cost well over a million dollars. Costa Rica is where California was in the 1970's; however, even in Costa Rica good beach property is hard to find. 

Our offering is on one of the nicest beaches in all of Costa Rica on the Central Pacific Gold Coast, about an hour from the international airport.  Conditions are so right now for the astute investor.  Building homes for people of the world here is extremely attractive for many developer builders  and end users.  Investing in beach property in a top resort destination area just can't be beat for value appreciation and rental income opportunities!  In fact, many financial advisors in the US are advising their clients to do just that.

Close proximity to the US and Canada means a constant supply of investors, tourist and retirees to Costa Rica. This provides you a unique opportunity to invest in a resort area in one of the hottest real estate markets in the world and probability of receiving excellent return on your investment.

Conclusion:  All of the above has created a perfect storm for continued growth in the Costa Rica economy, tourism and real estate markets.  We are presenting you with a perfect investment opportunity to build homes in the heart of the Central Pacific Gold Coast of Costa Rica.  This location fully approved and permitted, ready for buildout, saves a builder developer years of regulatory approval and effort.  It is immediately ready, (with minor local municipal permitting), for buildout and sales. The right experienced builder developer has an opportunity to realize great value, appreciation and profits in addition to a life of health, fun, well being and less stress here.  Ride a perfect storm on the beach in Costa Rica.  Call now for details. 


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