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The Perfect Storm for Costa Rica

Dateline: January 4, 2016

There are many conditions that exist in Costa Rica today that has created what we have termed "A Perfect Storm" for investing in Costa Rica real estate. This has subsequently created a perfect investment opportunity for the enlightened investor. We want to cover some of the reasons why this is so, but first let me share this with you.

Investors are Trading in their Dollars for Real Estate and Commodities.

In the last year many people have traded in billions of dollars to buy real estate and commodities based on the premise that the dollar will continue to decline while real estate and commodities will continue to rise. Costa Rica has become a beneficiary as a portion of those billions are finding their way to Costa Rica. People in the know tell us that the Central Pacific Coast is a target for a lot of this new money primarily because the New Highway will soon be opening and will put the Central Pacific Coast within one hour from San Jose. Their belief, based upon past history with new highways, is that this has to drive up demand for property and homes on the central pacific and in the process it will drive up the property values.

There is one thing we all have in common, we all want more happiness, more love and more joy in our lives. The place we choose to live, the community we choose to build our home, as well as the friends we have, all have a direct relationship on the quality of our lives and our happiness level. Our vision goes beyond building homes for people to live, we want to build a community where people enjoy living. A place, not just where luxury, nature and the ocean meet where you can walk on a pristine beach and feel the sand beneath your feet and breathe in the fresh salt air, but more importantly a place where you can meet new friends and live the kind of satisfying life that you've always dreamed about. Come and share the vision and become part of our Beach Front Community lifestyle, discover for yourself that Las Olas Beach Community is truly... "the place you really want to be".

• There is a mass emigration of Americans from the US to Costa Rica and other places. More about this in a minute.

a. Condition of the Real Estate Market in Costa Rica. Costa Rica banks and investment firms are very sound and stable. They never got into the toxic investment vehicles like sub-prime mortgages, derivatives, swap defaults and all the other toxic investments vehicles that were created by Wall Street and the big banks to make them big money. They weren’t satisfied with slow steady growth; they wanted warp speed growth and profits. They got their warp speed profits and the US economy and investor got a warp speed financial disaster when the bubble burst. This cost the US investors trillions of dollars and wrecked the US economy and it will take years to recover.

b. Condition of Tourism. The reason for the strength in tourism in Costa Rica and the real estate market is not hard to understand given the world situation. There is a world war going on against terrorism and therefore Americans and not traveling to Europe and Asia as a result of that war and want to stay close to home. Further, the decline of the dollar means that travel to Europe is much more expensive than it was a few years ago. Costa Rica is a perfect alternative, the dollar still goes a long way in Costa Rica, it's close to the US, has a temperate climate averaging 76 degrees, National Geographic rates it as one of the best in the world, and it's a country where Americans and Canadians feel welcomed, comfortable and safe.

c. Economic Conditions: The economy is very strong in Costa Rica driven by the both tourist traffic and also by multinational companies that are continually relocating to Costa Rica from all over the world. Intel and HP have huge operations in Costa Rica employing thousands of people. Business if booming in Costa Rica and you see it everywhere you drive with building going on all over the country.

d. Banking Conditions: Banks in Costa Rica are solid since they don't engage in the risky and reckless kinds of activities that got American Banks trouble. They do business like the banks in the US did business years ago when they made loans to credit worthy customer and then serviced those loans. They are not in the business of making loans to people whose only qualification is that they are breathing. Therefore, the banks are sound and with good profits. Banco Nacional and Banco Costa Rica are the two largest banks and they guarantee 100 percent of your deposits not just up to $100,000.

e. Retirement Conditions. With the first baby boomers retiring in the United States and coupled with the fact that the cost of living in Costa Rica is about one third less than it is in the US,( taxes on homes is about $300 per year) the number of people retiring to Costa Rica is increasing. Therefore, more and more Americans are immigrating out of the US in search of cheaper places to live and Costa Rica is one of the major beneficiaries of this trend. A recent article in Barron's Magazine reported on an amazing statistics that 20 percent of the people in the US have either made up their mind to move out of the country or was thinking about it. Surprisingly there are huge numbers of people in their 30's and 40's moving out of the US. (See complete Barron's article in our recent news page)

We were so surprised by these statistics that we decided to take our own survey of about 200 people who had recently moved to Costa Rica and were also very surprised by their comments

  1. Twenty percent (20%) stated they moved here because living costs are 1/3 less than in the US and that the cost of homes and tax are low compared to the US.
  1. Ten percent (10%) said they didn't want to live with the bad weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire storms and harsh winter weather.
  1. The people between the ages of 25 to 40, which were 20 percent of our survey, stated they moved for business opportunities and was tired of the rat race in the US. They commented that there was a new sense of Freedom here. Some specifically stated that they felt like big brother was looking over their shoulder. They were staring businesses, investing in real estate, building rental units and starting service businesses.
  1. Ten percent (10%) stated that they lost confidence in the US and that they expected a financial crash and that if that happened, Costa Rica was better equipped to deal with it since it's a temperate climate and people know how to live off the land and grow their own food.
  1. Fifteen percent (15%) stated that they moved because they believed the US was becoming more and more like a fascist country and were convinced the government was somehow involved in the 911 attacks.
  1. However, a whopping 25 percent said it was because of the war on terror and that they were tired of living in fear under the various threat levels and wanted to live and raise their families in a safe and peaceful environment. Costa Rica disbanded their military in 1948 and has a long history of a democratic country that both protect the environment and the rights of the individual.

Needless to say we were quite surprised by what we heard and felt we should make it available to you. We would also like to hear from you and your reasons for moving out of the country if indeed you are planning to move. We are going to continue talking to people to find out their motives for moving. Please email us your comments to info@lasolassite.com

d. Investment Opportunities. Now this is of critical concern to many people and it needs to be clearly understood. One of the most valuable properties you can own is on a beautiful beach, or steps from the beach, in a popular resort area. Why? Because that is where people really want to be and spend their time. There are no more beach front lots available in California or on the east coast of the US at affordable prices. They are all gone, but even if you could find one it would cost well over a million dollars. Costa Rica is where California was in the 1960's and good beach front property is at 1960 California prices. However, even in Costa Rica good beach front property is hard to fine, but Las Olas Beach Community has found one of the nicest beach front properties in all of Costa Rica in Esterillos Oeste on the Central Pacific Gold Coast.

So conditions are right for the astute investors to buy a lot and build a home at Las Olas Beach Community, put it in a rental pool and let the rental income pay for your investment. In a number of years you will have a paid off asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So an investment on a beach in a top resort area just can't be beat for value appreciation and rental income opportunities. In fact many financial advisors in the US are advising their clients to do just that.

Not only is there a strong rental demand for nice beach front homes, there is a shortage of beach front hotel rooms in Costa Rica so rental demand is high for good beach side homes and that's why rentals are ranging from $1200 to $2000 per week. It's close proximity to the US and Canada means a constant supply of investors, tourist and retirees. This provides you a unique opportunity to invest in a resort area in one of the hottest real estate markets in the world and to receive an excellent return on your investment.

e. Location of Las Olas Beach Community. Las Olas Beach Community is located on the Central Pacific Gold Coast in Esterillos Oeste. This is one of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica. It's wide and pristine and you can walk for miles and not see anything except the beauty of the nature around you as you breathe in the fresh salt air. Further, Las Olas Beach Community is located in one of the only areas on the Central Pacific Coast where there are hills right next to the ocean. For miles on either side of Las Olas Beach Community, the terrain is flat right next to the beach with no beach access. (see our aerial tour) In fact, most of the property being sold in Costa Rica today is high in the hills with distant views of the ocean. There is really only 1/5 of a percent of good beach front property you can build on that is for sale in Costa Rica. So owing property on a beautiful beach in a popular tourist area is an incredible investment. Property like this just doesn't exist in the US and is very hard to find in Costa Rica. So the location of Las Olas Beach Community is unique, irreplaceable and very valuable.

Keep this in mind, it cost the same to build a house in the hills or on the beach, the difference is once those homes are built, the home on the beach is much more valuable. Why? Because it has a higher rental demand, a higher appreciation value and more easily sold simply because this is where people want to be. So astute investors are choosing to invest in beach front property when they are presented with an option. Just think for a moment, where would you like to be? Can you imagine yourself walking along the ocean with the fresh salt air blowing gently on your face? You don't have to imagine any longer, it is now within your grasp at Las Olas Beach Community!

f. Climate. Costa Rica temperate climate which permits farmers to grow organic fruits and vegetables and provide low cost fruits and vegetables all year long. The cost of fresh fruit and vegetables are a fraction of what they are in the states. There are no hurricanes, tornadoes, ice and snow storms or raging fires. No harsh winters means low heating cost and a more pleasant way of life.

g. Conclusion. All of the above has created a perfect storm for continued growth in the Costa Rica economy, tourism and real estate market. This has presented you with a perfect investment opportunity to buy your lot, build your home in Las Olas Beach Community and put it in our rental pool for added income. Locating yourself in the heart of the Central Pacific Gold Coast, in a resort area, on one of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica, will ensure you of value appreciation for your property and a strong rental demand for your home, if you choose to place it in our rental pool program. That demand will cause the value of homes and property in Las Olas to outperform other properties located in non beach and non resort areas.

Make your decision today to make Las Olas Beach Community your new home and start experiencing the kind of life you always dreamed about. Act now because these lots are going fast and won't last long at these prices. Check out our web site for full details and then call us to get a little piece paradise and start living the dream.

Pura Vida!


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