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The Lure of Costa Rica

Property in Costa Rica is currently among the most desired in the world. In fact MSNBC recently called Costa Rica the hottest real estate market in the World. (Click here to view the broadcast) At still low prices compared to the US, many say it's like buying real estate in California and Hawaii 30 years ago. But what is the lure of Costa Rica and what's the secret that draws so many people to her like a magnet?

There are many places in the world that have beautiful beaches with huge hotels, bright lights and loud night clubs. But Costa Rica is a special place where luxury and beautiful beaches are touched by the splendor of nature. From her tranquil beaches you will see Macaws, Sloths, Iguanas, Parrots, Monkeys, a variety of birds, luscious tropical vegetation...and much more! You will enjoy the beauty, peace and quiet as you walk along her pristine beaches and breathe in her fresh clean salt air. Costa Ricans call this air, "vitamins from the sea". It's a place where you can experience the calm and feel the beauty of nature around you and within you.

At night... there are no bright lights to block your view of the heavens so it seems that every star is looking directly into your eyes. Cost Rica is a magical place where imagination meets reality and once you have experienced it, you'll want to become one with her beauty.

On the following pages you will find various videos, pictures and other information about Costa Rica and Las Olas Beach Community. After reviewing it we hope that you will join us at Las Olas Beach Community...where luxury and nature meet the sea!

Toll Free From the U.S. 1-813-938-8750     In Costa Rica: +506-8853-2451