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Property in Costa Rica is some of the most desired real estate in the world.  Costa Rica is very appealing now for many reasons in these current times of world pandemic, and radically changing global political climate. 

Costa Rica is a friendly, democratic country, with perfect year round weather and it is a world renown nature and “eco adventure” paradise.  It is also one of the world’s “Blue Zones” where people tend to live longer and happier lives.  Roughly the size of West Virginia, Costa Rica possesses 6% of all the world’s biodiversity.  The country is famous for outdoor activities like surfing, sport fishing, hiking, biking, zip lining, rafting, kite surfing, wind surfing and much, much more. There is an abundance of tropical beaches, rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, cloud forests and dozens of national parks and nature preservation areas.  The vast majority of tourists and foreign expats who come to Costa Rica experience no crime whatsoever. There are thousands of expats living in Costa Rica who don’t spend their lives worrying about crime and safety.

Pura Vida! Those two little words (meaning “pure life”) sum up everything positive about Costa Rica. Pura Vida is a way of life here, a signifies a low key, laid-back, stress-free approach to living. It is this kind of lifestyle that is attracting people worldwide who are seeking to attain a better lifestyle and peaceful existence.

Costa Rica real estate is also affordable, comparable to pricing in small mid-western or southern U.S. states. At these lower prices many say it's like buying real estate in California and Hawaii 30 years ago. But what is the lure of Costa Rica and what's the secret that draws so many people to her like a magnet?

People are finding a good life here on lower budgets. Labor, Healthcare, Prescription Drugs, Public Transportation, Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables are all much cheaper than in other parts of the world.

Costa Rica is also a country with very few demands on residency and now there is digital nomad worker residency allowances there making it easy for people who work online to move there.

Costa Rica is one of the easiest places in the world to get to and move to with many direct flights coming there.  For instance, it is just 2.5-3 hours from Miami and Houston and with direct flights from New York in 5 hours. 

Las Olas Beach Community is a fully approved residential beach homes project for sale and readily available to builder developers wishing to capitalize on what has become a huge draw location for people from The U.S. and Canada as well as the of the world who wish to live, vacation and retire in one of the most beautiful and desirable places on the planet.  Costa Rica, has been called "The Switzerland" of Central America.

The project is situated in one of the country's most beautiful beaches- Esterillos Oeste, only 1.5 hours to San Jose International Airport and the capitol city. This beach is one of Costa Rica’s cleanest and whitest sand beaches with a world famous long, slow, left breaking wave form that draws surfing enthusiasts from all over the world.  Las Olas Beach Community is in the center of Costa Rica's most trafficked tourist area on the Central Pacific Coast and is half way between Costa Rica's largest beach town of Jaco and the country's most visited national park preservation area, Manuel Antonio. 

Las Olas Beach Community is a residential homes community that is completely approved with engineering and build out plans which were obtained over a 9 year period from the Costa Rican Regulatory authorities.  The project requires nothing more than easily applying for local building permits, and then buildout. Recently in July of 2021 the owners of the project obtained a new “D1” resolution from the top environmental regulatory agency in the country (SETENA) stating that the projected was approved for buildout. 

What is extremely attractive about the project is that it is located in an area unique to the Central Pacific coast here because of gently rolling hills with beautiful Pacific Ocean views.  Las Olas Beach Community is close to all major Costa Rica tourist attractions like marinas, golf courses, major shopping and medical services. 

Beach property is the most sought after in Costa Rica by foreigners wishing to move here.  Las Olas Beach Community is a well-positioned project for builder developers to take advantage of now, in a country that people all over the world, especially in North America are desiring to relocate to.

There are many places in the world that have beautiful beaches with huge hotels, bright lights and loud night clubs. But Costa Rica is a special place where luxury and beautiful beaches are touched by the splendor of nature. From her tranquil beaches you will see Macaws, Sloths, Iguanas, Parrots, Monkeys, a variety of birds, luscious tropical vegetation...and much more! You will enjoy the beauty, peace and quiet as you walk along her pristine beaches and breathe in her fresh clean salt air. Costa Ricans call this air, "vitamins from the sea". It's a place where you can experience the calm and feel the beauty of nature around you and within you.

At night... there are no bright lights to block your view of the heavens so it seems that every star is looking directly into your eyes. Costa Rica is a magical place where imagination meets reality and once you have experienced it, you'll want to become one with her beauty.

On the following pages you will find various videos, pictures and other information about Costa Rica and Las Olas Beach Community. After reviewing it we hope that you will join us at Las Olas Beach Community...where luxury and nature meet the sea!


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