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Dorota Kaczyńska 14-09-2008,

Llast Updated 14-09-2008 08:07

Real estate in other countries. While the profitability of investing in distant and exotic countries depends on many factors the most important is the possibility of renting the facility for rental income. Therefore, houses and condos are being sought in tourist areas.

Buying homes, condos and land in Poland no longer ensures substantial gains as two years ago. So Poles are looking for real estate investments outside our country.  Places like Bulgaria and Cyrus and not the only popular places anymoe, but increasingly Poles are buying land and homes in more exotic locations like Costa Rica and Panama, so states Radoslaw Skowron, Kaczor Klimczyk Pucher Wypior.

Radoslaw Skowron is encouraging Poles to invest in Costa Rica. – The country is in many ways unique. Real estate prices have increased there in the past five years by 100 percent. The same increase is anticipated for the next five years, since the country is extremely popular among Americans. And land in Costa Rica is still cheap, depending on the location.

Given the huge retirement of the American baby-boomer and their attraction for Costa Rica, it is not surprising that the predictions that property prices will increase will come true.  A survey was recently conducted by the largest Dutch Daily, “De Cebl” among experts in the property market and Costa Rica ranked one of the best places in the world says, so says “Skowron”. He adds that Costa Rica has been a very politically stable country for many years and has an extremely positive image among investors.

An additional attraction is that Hollywood stars, like Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson are buying property in Costa Rica. Further, from a legal point of view, and most important is, that the Costa Rica real estate record system is considered to be one of the most reliable and most solid in the world. 

Radoslaw Skowron.


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